Formal Letters

Formal Letters Before Action

Formal Letters Before Action is a primary service for commercial and business clients who regularly require multiple debts and outstanding invoices to be paid.

Essentially, a “Letter Before Action” is a final demand for payment – a formal Solicitor’s letter giving your debtor a set time limit in which to pay before they are taken to court.

Commonly the debt is not in dispute but is simply a delaying tactic and, in a lot of cases, outstanding debts are settled on the basis of the intial letter. If payment is not achived, this final demand has given all the necessary notice to allow us to take Court action.

This involves a letter being sent to the debtor on your behalf to encourage a low cost rapid payment. The purpose of this service is to achieve quick payments of debts which are not disputed. If payment is not received,then one of our additional services may be required but you are under no obligation to proceed further if you do not wish to.