• Assured debt recovery solutions

    A proven track record of positive results – that’s why so many put their confidence in Jennings

    Assured debt recovery solutions
  • Debt recovery options to really make you smile

    Bad cash-flow can ruin any business. Jennings have got the measure of those troublesome debtors

    Debt recovery options to really make you smile
  • Take the stress out of your business’ debt recovery

    You work hard. You should focus on your business. You should let us take care of your bad debts

    Take the stress out of your business’ debt recovery
  • With Jennings, you’ve got a professional legal team on your side

    Jennings are an established law firm, specialising exclusively in debt recovery

    Professional legal team
  • Knowing where you stand means always being on the front foot

    Utilising detailed reporting systems, Jennings ensure you’re always in the picture

    Know where you stand
  • Switch your debt recovery services to Jennings

    Considered outsourcing your credit control? Talk to us and the benefits start stacking up

    Switch your debt recovery services to Jennings

Jennings Debt Recovery Solicitors
The Commercial Debt Recovery Specialists

Jennings Debt Recovery Solicitors specialise exclusively in working to help businesses and commercial organisations get paid quicker. If you have commercial invoices that are not getting paid on time (or not getting paid at all) then we can help.

Our client base varies from large national Private Limited Companies to owner/managed enterprises throughout the UK. Essentially, our services are designed for any commercial concern who regularly issue large numbers of invoices which need to be paid in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Jennings Debt Recovery Solicitors are well positioned to achieve payment through pre-litigation services, with the majority of our cases settled before matters progress to the Court system – the fact that you have a law firm like Jennings behind you is often enough to show you mean business.

Jennings Debt Recovery Solicitors - How Can We Help

How Can We Help You?

If you have invoices that are not paid on time then, under a low and fixed fee structure, Jennings can help.

Even if your company has an established credit control or finance department, we can provide cost effective services to work alongside your existing team and take the strain out of chasing overdue accounts.

Jennings Debt Recovery Solicitors - Services

Our Services

Jennings Debt Recovery Solicitors offer a portfolio of credit control services for clients, each designed to get your overdue payments paid quickly and efficiently.

From “Letters Before Action” to enforcement of County Court Judgments, Jennings Debt Recovery Solicitors have the professional services at your disposal to ensure your invoices are settled quickly and efficiently.

Jennings Debt Recovery Solicitors - Pricing

Pricing Structure & Turn Around

Our size and company framework allows Jennings to offer a highly competitive charging structure. This allows our clients to carry on in business without having to stop and chase those bad payers. Hand in hand with our low fixed fees, we believe that use of our services can significantly assist your cash flow.