About Jennings Debt Recovery Solicitors

About Us

Jennings Debt Recovery Solicitors is a division of the Bell Park Kerridge, a highly regarded name in the legal profession, established and operating nationally since 2000.

The sole intention behind the creation Jennings Debt Recovery Solicitors was, and always has been, to provide a dedicated service to our clients to help them realise unpaid accounts and recover the unpaid debts which so commonly are crippling the country’s businesses.

First and foremost, we’re business people ourselves; we appreciate the detrimental impact that debtors have on a company’s cash-flow because we’ve experienced it ourselves. That’s why Jennings also provide specialist financial and revenue management services to deliver sustainable, cost-effective and high return solutions for blue-chip and SME businesses alike.

For the majority of our clients, we’re a “bolt on” to their existing finance and credit control teams, able to handle bulk instructions or more specialist and one-off cases depending upon unique circumtances. Whichever you choose, we consistently deliver tangible, measurable results that help our clients work more effectively, concentrating on their core business and and achieving greater profitability.